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Learning how to play Poker is very easy but it is very difficult to become a professional poker player. The Poker preflop betting round is something that everyone must participate in. Qqjili believes that you are making at least half of the mistakes when playing Poker Preflop. Know and avoid making the mistakes that many Poker players are making. Professional Poker players often have a carefully thought out way of playing Poker. This real money Poker strategy helps players win with easier decisions. However, players can easily make mistakes due to the complexity of Texas Hold’em Poker.

Poker preflop is the most played and most important poker betting round in Poker.

You need to avoid making mistakes that lead to losing money. This will help you earn a lot of money after each Poker session. Mistakes when playing Preflop Poker can be easily changed.

Please list the mistakes in playing preflop Poker after reading this article. You will remember those things and remind yourself before each Preflop bet in the game.

Playing Preflop Poker Limp

Playing Preflop Poker Limp

What is Poker Limp? When your Poker cards are very strong, how do you take all of your opponent’s money? How do opponents bet or call your Poker in the hope that they will win? How to play Poker Limp is a way to play Poker pretending your Poker cards are very weak.

You can also call playing Poker Limp the way you play to trap your opponent in a Poker game. However, playing Poker Limp before the Flop is sometimes a big mistake.

What is the mistake of playing Preflop Poker Limp? That’s when your hand is very strong but you only CALL on the Big Blind (BB) bet. Because you are the first player to participate in a Poker game.

Let’s look at why you should not play Preflop Poker Limp.

Playing Preflop Poker Limp will not help you win the hand

How to play Preflop Poker Limp does not help you increase your odds of winning the hand. This is exactly the opposite of playing Poker Raise, increasing the bet before the Flop.

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The pot already has money from players in the Small Blind and Big Blind positions. You called the Big Blind bet, making it easy for the Small Blind and Big Blind positions to join the game. This gives them a very bad Poker Hand but still has a chance to win your hand.

Playing Poker Limp before the Flop makes it easier for other poker players to join the hand

How to play Poker Limp before the Flop creates favorable conditions for the player behind to participate in the game. With the available Pot amount, they can easily bet with very good Pot Odds rates.

Therefore, even though their Poker cards are weaker than yours, they have a chance to win against you. They lose a small amount of money to see the Flop. And if the Flop shows their Set or Sam cards, you will easily lose a huge amount of money.

The more people participating in a Poker game, the lower your odds of winning the game. Obviously, you don’t want to be in a Poker situation like that.

Playing Limp Preflop Poker exposes you to an attack from the Poker players behind you

Poker players behind always want to know the strength of your Poker Hand. This is even easier to predict if they attack a friend in the Preflop betting round.

Playing your Poker Limp before the Flop will cause them to Raise to increase their bet. The Raise action increases the Preflop bet at this time with 2 purposes:

Analyze the strength of the Poker Hand you are playing Poker Limp with

Or they want to collect more money with their very strong Poker Hand.

Even if you want to balance your limp poker play with very strong Poker hands. These Poker hands have very low expected value.

Meanwhile, you are looking to collect as much money as possible. This will be easier when the player calls your pre-Flop bet to join the hand.

Opening your hand by playing Poker Limp Flop will often be counterproductive.

If there is someone playing Poker Limp before you, you can play Poker Limp behind you.

Is your Poker Hand too strong to Raise before the Flop? But too weak to fold if another player Re-Raises?

In this condition, Qqjili recommends that you call the bet. You should take the opportunity to play Poker Limp behind with good Poker Hands. Poker hands that have the ability to create strong Poker hands after the Flop.

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Not paying attention to the position of the Poker hand being played

Not paying attention to the position of the Poker hand being played

People often ignore position and foul because of their playable Poker Hand. How should I participate in a Preflop Poker game when holding a Poker Hand? This also depends on your position in the Poker game you are participating in.

The more Poker players act behind you, the tighter your Poker range will be.

This makes it easier for you to deal with a certain player who Re-Raises before the Flop. Besides, playing preflop Poker with marginal Poker cards will make it difficult for you to make decisions in the following betting rounds.

If you participate in a Poker hand that is not strong enough from the first action position, you will lose a lot of money to protect your Poker hand. The closer your position is to the Button, the more cards you have to easily participate.

However, the Small Blind and Big Blind positions are the two most favorable positions in the Poker Preflop betting round. These are the last 02 betting action positions in this Poker preflop betting round.

Playing Poker preflop too tightly in the Big Blind position

Playing Poker preflop too tightly in the Big Blind position

Very few players follow the Poker Preflop bet to participate in the hand. Especially when playing against the player who bets first in the Small Blind position.

Big Blind is the last action position of a preflop Poker hand. You should comfortably play this position if you have very good odds to see the flop.

Let’s look at the following specific case:

Cash Game Poker, $5/$10, with $1,000 Poker Stacks.

You are in the Big Blinds position. Everyone in the Poker game folds their cards to the Small Blind position. The player playing this SB position increases the Poker Preflop bet to $25. What you will do?

You are in position to face 2.5 times the Big Blind to enter the hand. You get Pot Odds 2.3-1 to call the bet. This means the equivalent of about 30% Equity to continue the hand.

Do you feel like you’re in a pretty good position to take on Small Blind? And you can defend the Big Blind position more often.

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